where has ALL_MEPT.txt gone?

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where has ALL_MEPT.txt gone?

Hi, I'm using WSPR 1.01 r 1023 and thought I'd upload some spots to the database but I seem to have run into a problem! I can't find the ALL_MEPT file to upload, the DB page says it should be in the same directory as WSPR but it's not there. Even doing a search on it yielded a blank.

I know I used to have ot on the old (XP) pc as I've uploaded in the past but this is the first time I've used WSPR with Vista. It all seems to work well, except for the missing text file.

All I can find in the directory is: the WSPR program, and icon for WSJT, the unistall files, a 'save' folder (nothing in there) and a file called wsprrc.win

Anyone have an idea how to upload spots please :)

73 Sean, G4UCJ