Remote WSPR VHF Transceiver

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Remote WSPR VHF Transceiver

Hi all

Has anyone attempted to remote a WSPR Transceiver ?

I am foretunate to have a very good VHF / UHF Location, at 1,500 feet asl with a clear take off to Europe.
I had an idea to build a 144MHz WSPR transceiver and locate it at the highest point on my land. However this is 350 Feet from the shack.

So I started thinking about a mast head mounted transceiver with one of those single board PC's running the software (on a Linux O/S). I could power the whole thing via CAT5 Power over Ethernet, and of course have the received data coming back to the shack over the CAT5 link. (Cat 5 cable being cheaper & less loss than CoAX).

Any thoughts ....

It seems a shame to waste the opportunity to put a WSPR system on VHF at my location, even just in Receive mode would be useful to those researching VHF Propogation.


Adrian MW1LCR .. IO82KW