Seeking advice on a Win7 PC problem

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Seeking advice on a Win7 PC problem

Following a PC update and change to Windows7, I have encountered the following problem which I am unable to resolve:-

When running WSPR (Ver 2.0)and some of the other Data software HRD, MMTTY etc (not at the same time!),
The PC randomly puts the interface into TX mode for varying lentths of time from a fraction of a second to 10 seconds.
This is completely random and unpredictable.
The interfaces used are a G3LIV USB and also a G4ZLP Serial port unit used with a USB to 9pin Com port cable.

The same programs and interfaces were used without problems on my older XP PC.

I am, by no means, a computer buff and would appreciate some pointers.

Thanks Roger G0IUW