No Xmit Audio on 40 Meters Only

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No Xmit Audio on 40 Meters Only

Hello all,

I've got WSPR (version 2.11_r2263) working fine on all bands except 40 meters. I can decode OK, my IC-7600 keys up but no power output (no modulation).

Since I've not been able to get the USB interface to work with WSPR and my IC-7600, here's my current configuration:
- Using audio interface between PC and IC-7600
- Using RTS to key the radio
- Manually selecting the band on the IC-7600

I can operate fine on all bands (decode fine, other stations are hearing me and decoding)except when I have 40 meters selected from the WSPR pull down menu. The radio PTT keys up but there is no transmit audio tones coming from WSJT.

I can manually place the radio on any band and then select the various bands from the WSPR band pull down menu and I transmit tones EXCEPT when I select the 40 meter band from the pull down menu.

This configuration also works fine on JT65A so it's just a transmit modulation issue when selcting 40 meters from the WSPR pull down menu.

I've searched this forum but can't find where anyone else has had a similar issue...... so what am I doing wrong???

Thanks for your help!!!