Finaly reporting correct frequency 0.137500

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Finaly reporting correct frequency 0.137500


Listening at 0.137500 on a IC706 in CW-Reverse narrow 500Hz
Tonight I found a setting that reports the correct frequency to the WSPR Database.

Since I am listening CW-Reverse narrow on my IC706 + preamp
I had to change the WSPR settings from default.

The IC706 is tuned to 0.137500 normal.
WSPR advanced: RX BFO is set to 570 (Hz) ( default= 1500 for USB mode)

WSPR DIAL: had to be set to: 0.136900

then the frequency ruler bar is showing 300--500

a station tx-ing at 0.137500 is displayed 137430 but reported 0.137500
now i have to live with that
or ? does someone have a solution for this
73 Jaap