Short WSPR TX dropouts

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Short WSPR TX dropouts

I've noticed that when doing a search on WSPRnet while my K3 is in the transmit mode on WSPR, that there are some short audio dropouts on my transmit audio from the computer to the K3. It appears that these dropouts are enough to prevent stations receiving my 2 minute transmission from decoding my WSPR signal.

I know that WSPR uses forward error correction, but still wonder how much of a dropout of TX audio will result in a 2 minute transmission NOT being decoded.

I've been listening by ear to a single signal on 15M this morning where the station had a few TX audio dropouts as described. After the 2 minutes of the station transmitting there was nothing decoded on this end. It appears tha just a few of these TX audio dropouts are enough to prevent decodes. It is probably caused by the computer's CPU momentarily having to use some of its cycles for the WSPRnet session at the expense of the WSPR software. My computer is a 2.2 GHz Pentium with Internet Explorer 7 being used for WSPR and WSPRnet.


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