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In Chat, VK6ZRY says "it would be nice if there was a special "shorter" tx cycle for VHF." I have often thought the same. In fact I wrote something on those lines in my blog just this afternoon.

Perhaps my understanding of WSPR or propagation is faulty, in which case I am ready to be corrected, but I thought that WSPR was designed for weak signal propagation experiments on HF where propagation is normally fairly stable. VHF propagation modes like Sporadic-E are characterised by the fact that they can be fleeting (very short bursts of good propagation) with rapidly varying signal strengths, but signals can be very strong indeed. Sporadic-E propagation has more in common with meteor-scatter propagation than HF ionospheric propagation. So I think we need something more in common with the JT meteor scatter modes for our VHF propagation experiments, at least for detecting Sporadic-E.

Would K1JT consider developing a VHF propagation reporter that perhaps leveraged the JT6 modes. Or would this not work for reasons I don't understand?