Wild card WSPRnet searches

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Wild card WSPRnet searches

Mr. WSPRnet Sysop,

Would it be possible to allow for the use of an asterisk (*) to do a wild card search of various fields in the WSPRnet database? For example, at times I like to determine which region another part of the world is hearing without having to look through a large mix of station reports.

A basic grid square consists of 2 letters, 2 numbers and an optional 2 letters.
If a wild card option was available a North American station could determine if (and who) in Western Europe or Africa is active by entering 'I*' the first letter of the grid square, or 'J*' for stations in Central Europe and Africa, or 'K*' for stations in Eastern Europe and Africa. Likewise, Stations outside of No. America could search for western NA with 'C*' or 'D*', Central NA with 'E*' grid search, or Eastern NA with an 'F*" grid search.

Does you think this search option has any merit? How hard would it be to implement?