Newbie question about WSPR 2.11 and Softrock Ensamble II

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Newbie question about WSPR 2.11 and Softrock Ensamble II

Hi all..

Im new to this program but i successfully decoded lots of spot with the old configuration i beginned with..

I used WinRAD + Virtual SoundCable --> WSPR (2.0) version and i worked well....

I putted in the correct frequensy in WinRAD and let the WSPR do the work.

Now i downloaded the New version and saw it could use the Softrock direct instead and i let it a try.. BUT ,,, i dont know if i did all things right this time..

I dont realy know if my softrock is on the right freq, i followed the doc but does not understand it spot on...

I read the manual saying me this:


The parameter Fiq (Hz) determines the frequency offset between the “Dial frequency”
specified on the WSPR main screen and the frequency (times 1/4) of the Si570 programmable
oscillator. The default value for Fiq is 12000 Hz; this puts the 200 Hz WSPR band 12 kHz
above mid-band. For example, in my system when operating on the 30 m band, I set:
Dial frequency: 10.1387 MHz
Fiq: 12000 Hz

These settings result in a commanded Si570 frequency of 40.506800 MHz.


40.506800 i understand, .. if u use the program "USB - Synth" and put my softrock to 10.1387 i get 40.554800.

I dont know if this is a problem at all.. for me to get my softrock reciving on right freq.., .. or if i must change the Fiq parameter...

I have calibrated my crystal and such fing soo it lying spot on frq in WinRad and soo on...

AND another question as well, wy are my TX signal soo low even if i have the mixersetting in top (LINE - IN), i have like under -20db sometimes on 40 meters.

any suggestions.. /M