VE operating portable as W4 -Problem reporting

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VE operating portable as W4 -Problem reporting

I am Canadian VA3VFO operating portable in W4 (Florida)USA. Regulations (US) require our VE/VA call be used as "VA3VFO/W4" not W4/VA3VFO while in the USA. This is differnt from the "prefix" format used with co-country agreements.
I have used my USA GRID SQUARE in the WSPR software setup (EL96co), yet somehow, my WSPR transmitions are being reported by stations showing me as in Canada- at my home QTH grid square (FN04fc). I am using WSPR 2.11 ver 2263

I am completely puzzled as to how my VE/VA Canadian grid sqr beacon is being reported! This seems impossible. No where in the WSPR setup have I even used my FN04fc grid sqr, while in Florida! HELP! Is there auto correction scripting at work at the WSPR.ORG server picking up my VA3VFO prefix and changing my USA grid to my Canadain grid of record?

I have tried seting up as both VA3VFO/W4 and W4/VA3VFO but my beacon xmitions seem to only be getting reported as VA3VFO!! sans W4 prefix or suffix (N.B. When I upload reports of other beacons I have received, both formats of "W4" show up on ok)

Hope someone can help. This has corrupted all reports in the database, as it appears I am at my home QTH when in fact I had setup to report as being in the USA.

Thanks for your help