No one is decoding my signal on 40m

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No one is decoding my signal on 40m

Current setup is WSPR 2.0_r1714 a Icom 756 Pro3 and a dipole at 50ft. I ran same version of software and used same antenna with an Yaesu ft-817 and everthing worked fine sending and receiving. I am tring to use my Pro 3 and I can decode many signals fine on 40m but none of my transmitions are making it into the database. The Pro 3 is set to USB on 7.038.60 running 10 watts. No audio compression is being used I ensured the RIT is off and split is off. The software has a dial freq. of 7.0386 and Tx of 7.040100. I don't think it is a power problem the FT at 1 watt did fine, I'm just using the 10w until I get it working. Any ideas would be great.