20m and 40m ok.....30m not so good

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20m and 40m ok.....30m not so good

Good morning, I have an Elecraft K3 running it in DATA A mode line out on rig (controlled through MIC gain) is set to 2 any more and ACL rises to high the output is 2 watts. I have been on 20 and 40 meter WSPR without any troubles. Within the past 2 weeks have been working on 30 meters WSPR and not having any luck. One thing I did notice today was when set up on 30 meters and line out at still set at 2 also power at 2 watts but watt meter (LP-100A) is showing no output. Now if I increase the line (turn up MIC gain in the K3 case) at level 5 or 6 I am getting about 1/2 watt and that's it. I don't feel I should have to re-adjust sound card settings for 30 meters when all is well with 20 and 40 ??
Any thoughts??