Can't run sample audio file

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Can't run sample audio file

I have been running WSPR for well over a year and have had no problems, but recently I have been unable to receive anything on any band. There is nothing in the waterfall display. Transmit works as it always has - no problems. I am able to both receive and transmit on JT65-HF with no problems - so all the connections should be setup right.

While trying to determine the cause of the problem I ran the sample audio file, 091022_0436.wav, to make sure everything was decoding ok. There was no decode, nothing in the waterfall display, except for the 4:36 time at the bottom of that 2 minute segment. The whole "decode" took less than a second. The audio file decode worked properly about a month ago when I last tried it.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling different versions of WSPR, but still the same problem. I am currently running Version 2.21_r2286.

I would appreciate any suggestions.