Symbol frequency table for 6-digit locator

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Symbol frequency table for 6-digit locator

I'm a newbie in this forum and hope to put my question in the correct way.

I have built a WSPR beacon on the platform of an Atmega8 Microcontroller plus AD9850 DDS.
The symbol frequency information could in an easy way be obtained from an export operation of an earlier DOS Version of WSPR.
It produces a symbol frequency table for a 4-digit locator and works fine.
Now, I would also like to transmitt a 6-digit locator message additionally.
Unfortunately I couldn`t find a similar export feature in the newer WSPR Versions.
Own encoding seems to be very effortaneous, sampling of the WSPR audio stream plus some DSP operations would be possible.

Question: Is or will there also be a software feature that is able to produce directly symbol frequency tables for the two messages with 6 digit locator included?

This would make my OM´s life much easier.

Many thanks for your replies.

kind regards

Edgar DO9EL