1.500kHz audio frequency change option?

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1.500kHz audio frequency change option?

WSPR mode uses 1500Hz for TX and RX. It would be nice if I could choose any frequency within the soudcard bandpass.
We are a group of hams using the VLF "Dreamers band" (8970Hz) so we could then feed the Low Frequency PA amplifier directly from the P.C. soundcard when using WSPR. For now we have to build a mixer and an LO of 7570Hz to produnce a WSPR signal in the Dreamers band.

73 Jan LA3EQ

ps: Dreamers band info

DK7FC/P Stefan World distance Dreamers band record holder. 2873km...

QTH : JN49IS36VH 550 (58mW ERP)
Frequency = 8.9700Hz
Antenna = 300m high kite supported vertical
Best radiated DX recorded so far was received by 4X1RF is 2873km in 4.5 or 3.8 mHz BW