WSPR in a pulseaudio environment (Linux)

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WSPR in a pulseaudio environment (Linux)

It is really a long and hard task to install WSPR and WSJT on a Linux system when .deb packages cannot be used and the source files must be used. I'm using a modern Fedora distribution with pulseaudio. fldigi is running well in this environment. But this is not the same with WSPR and WSJT. I had to look closer to see that the two programs are using portaudio. There is no "bridge" to pulseaudio. While looking on "Applications" on pulseaudio's "Sound preferences", I can see the alsa plug-in from python connecting to pulseaudio when starting WSJT. But when I'm starting WSPR, this does not appears.

Can you help me to understand that ?

Further, I would appreciate any tool helping me to appreciate the audio signal received by WSPR and WSJT.

The starting message is:

WSPR Version 3.00_r2332, by K1JT
Run date: Fri Mar 25 10:59:31 2011 UTC
Cannot connect to server socket err = No such file or directory
Cannot connect to server socket
jack server is not running or cannot be started

The last lines appear also when starting fldigi or WSJT.

73 de Claude