HF bands being invaded by the Chinese Dragon

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HF bands being invaded by the Chinese Dragon

Lately I've started to notice the 30 meter band is being completely trashed by this mysterious pulses noise extending over a wide portion of the band when trying to receive WSPR signals. In doing some research on the net, I've located several references to this as the "Chinese Dragon", a form of over the horizon radar. Several people have also reported the same thing on a wide portion of the 40 meter band as well. Here are some links to a few youtube videos documenting this unfortunate nasty signal. Maybe gone are the cold-war days of the infamous Russian Woodpecker, but now we have to contend with this new problem. But if any of you come across this and are wondering what it is, this may help explain it. I was going to attach my own WAV file and WSPR screenshot, but this board does not seem to allow such files to be attached.