next version suggestion : local GPS for time sync and location

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next version suggestion : local GPS for time sync and location

I would like to run WSPR mobile, initially for automated local path testing on 6,2&70, but more generally while mobile around the country on HF. That requires both occasional time synchronization and a location update before every transmission.

Any chance of, in the station configuration screen, under location, an option for 'get from GPS' with a drop-down for serial port; that location to be incorporated in the data stream every transmission?

Also, obviously, setting the system clock based on a local serial attached GPS. No need for millisecond accuracy - the NMEA data over serial should be close enough. There are, I am sure, other packages that will do this, so no need to incorporate in WSPR, but the fewer apps the better, if it could be included.

Working on putting the netbook in the car for navigation and APRS with a Garmin handheld GPS interfaced, along with the FT857 for digital modes while stationary mobile, and a converted commercial rig for APRS tx. Would be nice to just WSPR away while driving.

Will eventually add a USB GPS engine and memory stick to my single-USB-from-computer to Yaesu interface, with sound and serial (CAT or RTS/DTR) over the USB, as a one-box, three cable interface solution.

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