CAT PTT on ICOM 751A running rev 2.21 r 2286 under W7

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CAT PTT on ICOM 751A running rev 2.21 r 2286 under W7

Face it, W7 isn't friendly to PTT control through a second RS-232 or USB port. My solution to all my DSR and RTS problems was a nifty UX-14PX converter add-in to the 751A which converts its CI-IV parallel to the CI-V serial bus used in later ICOM's, while at the same time supporting CAT PTT and PTT timeout. With the aid of the CIVTEST program, Googleable freeware, the timeout can be set to any value. All that is required is the installation of the converter into the rig, an external USB-to-DB9 module, a DB9-to-modular plug cable, and the soldering of a jumper between the ICOM "send" line and the PTT solder pad on the converter board. WSPR runs without any hangups, with an automatic tuner, all band hopping happily. Converter maker PIEXX is Googleable as well. A neat design, well supported. Any one else WSPRing on a 751A?

John, AB2AN