Possible upload of data from other WSJT modes

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Possible upload of data from other WSJT modes

A suggestion for extending the propagation data of WSPRnet.
Most Of Joe's WSJT modes output data including calls signal strength (sometimes locators) etc. With the addition of frequency information entered by the user it would be possible for decodes of JT65, JT4 etc to be treated in the same way as WSPR spots and uploaded to the database.
I have mentioned this to Joe K1JT and Joe has indicated that this facility would have to be discussed with the WSPRnet administrator, Bruce W1BW.
This especially pertenant because many of the bands that this would get used for just are not represented at the present time on WSPRnet.
It would be especially useful for the new JT based beacons that are appearing in the UK, which range from 2m up to 24GHz and run JT65 or JT4
the ability to auto-upload spots from these would be very helpful and would provide additional data on propagation.

I suspect that the additional data would not be a significant extra load on WSPRnet, and would ask that this be considered.
If enough people are for this, and it is possible to extend the WSPRnet system to accomodate SHF spots, then I am sure Joe could incorporate the capability into his WSJT software for applicable modes.

Comments appreciated!