Control of Multiple Softrocks In WSPR?

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Control of Multiple Softrocks In WSPR?


I am currently using WSPR 2.20 with a Softrock V9 receiver. Works great - WSPR controlling the receive frequency and doing the I/Q demod so no other applications required.

However I would also like to add a second Softrock, this time an Ensemble Transciever (20-30-40), so I can TX on these three bands. I have a seperate antenna, so no complications there, but I would ideally like to use the same PC. Tow questions arise therefore:

Can two instances of WSPR be run at the same time, taking input from different soundcards. How does one configure this?

Secondy, can I cntrol two Softrocks at the same time? How does WSPR then know which one to talk to?

I notice some other users with multiple callisign suffixes, but maybe they are using multiple PCs, or perhaps a standalone TX arrangement which does not require a PC?

Any experiences appreciated. Am I being too ambitious?


Rob (G7ELK)