Flex 1500 VAC RX noise issue

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Flex 1500 VAC RX noise issue

I have just started using WSPR 2.0 (WSPR newbie)and have been heard fine over the last couple days.
Receive is a different story. I can get 0dB RX Noise OK and even thought the Water Fall display has received signals I have only been able to decode 2 or 3 station in 48 hours. One unusual thing happens quite regularly. Like every 20 to 20 seconds with the RX Noise. It will be hovering around -2 to 0 dB and then drops to -30 for 1 second then back to 0 for one second then back to -30 for one second and do this 10 or 20 time and then settles back to -2 to 0db for 20-30 seconded then it fluctuates again. It repeats this pattern indefinitely. No mater where I adjust the RX signal it does this. I have a dual P4 3.0 GHz 1.4G Ram so its no slouch. Software is SDR and VAC is 4.10. Kind of frustrating since VAC works great on DigiPan and HRD and others.

Barry, K8SD