Compile WSPR on Ubuntu 8.10 - the Lowdown.

WSPR 1.1 is now into r1045.
Someone said they thought they had r1045 but the Version displayed was WSPR1.1 r1042. I also could have sworn I saw r1043 and have been calling my compile which I try on multi distro's r1042/3.

The current source code WSPR 1.1 r1045 compiles and runs on Ubuntu8.10.
As promised here is the definitive list of dependencies. If you install Ubuntu 8.10 afresh all you need is.

python-numpy 1.1.1 (no problems with this version here yet)
python-imaging tk
subversion tools (I may have thrown this in for good luck)

You can try:-
But it is known to be incompatible with WSPR. The result here is WSPR which fails to run with error - 'Segmentation Fault'. Therefore use:-
This must be downloaded as described previously in this blog.

The resultant GUI has a small problem with the - UTC dB DT Freq Drift - Label being displaced on Linux.
Depending on the display definition it wanders either right or left but with the current code can never be in the right position. I suspect that Linux imaging treats the label position code differently to Microsoft Windows where it turns out OK.

Additionally on the second and subsequent runs of the program the GUI will be thrown to the bottom left hand corner of the screen on Ubuntu 8.10, requiring you to drag it back into full visibility.

No great problem either of those. Aren't we happy little Penguins.