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6 meters

6 meters has been open quite a lot recently. I have been seeing reports of much Es in Europe and North America and between Europe and Norther America.

Yet, little or no wspr activity.

I have taken to setting up (FN25) and running wspr on only 6 during the day when I might find Es and there are no thunderstorms forecast yet it seems there is no one else.

There are lots of other kinds of beacons on 6 but the automatic reporting of wspr I think makes it more suitable for detecting openings than relying on the manual process of monitoring one (or more) beacons and then sending a spot on one (or more) DX clusters / reporting sites.

So, how about it? More 6 meter wspr!

If all goes to plan, I hope to have something on 6 meter wspr on a more or less permanent basis before too long. Might be too late for the peak of 2011 Es but at least it will be in place.

cheers, Graham ve3gtc FN25

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