WSPR Dial frequency versus BFO

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WSPR Dial frequency versus BFO

Hi All,

Here is a question about the BFO and Dial setting in WSPR. Consider the 30M WSPR band where the suggested Dial frequency is 10.138700 MHz and standard BFO is 1500 Hz. Now assume a fixed frequency receiver (say by means of crystal LO) fixed at 10.138650 MHz, (50 Hz low from suggested Dial).

To accurately report the received frequency do I set the Dial to 10.138650 MHz in the WSPR program? Or, do I keep the original Dial frequency of 10.138700 MHz and set the BFO to 1550 Hz? Or, does either method work?

I'm not sure how the program works on this point. Thanks for any help. George