Choosing a frequency

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Choosing a frequency

It seems to me that the best chance of being spotted is reduced by transmitting on the most used frequencies within the WSPR segment on a band.

It will come as no surprise that the most used frequencies are those in the centre of the segment.

If WSPR implements a sharp cutoff at the edges of the 200Hz segment, it would be wise not to choose the very edge of the band, but to allow a guard segment for frequency calibration error end to end.

So, this leaves me wondering if we might not be better off if WSPR was able to pseudo randomly choose a tx frequency from one transmission to the next, allowing a guard band at the edges appropriate to the frequency in use. If this was done, the band would be evenly used, and the probability of a lost spot due to interference becomes uniform across most of the segment.

Now the guard band might need to be proportional to operating frequency, eg equivalent to 10ppm.