Using VCXO-AXE Transmitter

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Using VCXO-AXE Transmitter

I am brand new to WSPR, ran 30M 1 watt to a dipole all night with mind-blowing results. I am about to build a VCXO-AXE kit (by Jay, W5OLF), and I have this question for anyone who has used one --- Is there an easy way to key it by computer that you can recommend? The original kit has a push-button for manual closure to trigger a transmit cycle. I'd like to site mine remotely, to avoid interference with my regular station. I am thinking about putting it in a relay box at the base of my tower where 12 volts is available. I can send a closure or a pulse or anything that will trigger the transmit cycle up the relay control lines. Now I need a way of creating that triggering signal using a PC so as to have precise timing.

Any ideas would be great. Thanks.

Brian W3BW