Feature requests and questions

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Feature requests and questions

Gday thank you for a great program.

I gather that WSPR will not control an Icom PCR1000, so I am requesting that it be added to the list of CAT RX's please and also a timer that will change bands over 24 hours, e.g. with the change from day to night, etc.

A couple of other questions if I may please:

1. I have a second Icom PCR1000 available to simultaneously listen on a different band. Can two instances of WSPR be run on the same laptop, provided I have a second sound card (USB) and a second serial port (USB)?

2. Would a second identical callsign cause map/server problems? If so I could make the callsign in the second instance of WSPR something different, like VK2GEL-1.

3. Is the 'Frequencies Dial' field included in uploaded info? The reason I ask is if I use an external program to tune the PCR1000, the frequency in the 'Frequencies Dial' field may not agree with the actual tuned frquency.

4. Would a slow scan of the bands, say 15 mins on each band, be useful?

Thanks for your patience.

Regards, Grant.