FT-450 Won't change bands anymore

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FT-450 Won't change bands anymore

WSPR installation (WSPR Version 2.0_r1714)has been working fine for me and then poof, it won't change bands. when I try to change bands I get:

rig: dlsym(initrigs2_yaesu) failed (symbol not found)
Unknown rig num 127, or initialization error.
Please check with --list option.
Error attempting to set rig frequency.
rigctl -m 127 -r COM4 -s 38400 -C data_bits=8 -C stop_bits=2 -C serial_handshake
=Hardware -C write_delay=0 F 10138700

WSPR Program is Rx fine and turns radio on and off for Tx. I am getting out on Tx. I have made no changes to the station parameter setup in months. Use Win 7 64 bit, Signalink USB interface. HRD 5 controls all rig functions fine, using the same serial port setup and interface. Up until yesterday I could change the bands from the WSPR Program, I know something must have changed, but what? Any ideas where to look?