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Bogus Reports


I am new to WSPR and have noticed many bogus reports coming from my receiver. I have been correctly spotted by many stations, and I have also correctly spotted some of the same stations. However, most of the spots I make appear to be bogus logs. The call is not in any database, the grid is in the ocean, the power is 500W, etc.


1. What am I doing wrong to create so many bogus reports? I understand the Reed-Solomon code decodes with high probability, or fails to decode, or mis-decodes, but with a very low probability. Even if I had seen just a few bogus spots, I'd still wonder. But I am making so many that I must be doing something wrong.

2. Is there any way for me to edit my spots and delete the ones that I believe are bogus? I feel like I'm doing more harm than good to the network when most of my spots appear to be bogus.

Equipment is an FT-817 with a whip-dipole (Buddipole) correctly tuned and fed, and the levels have been set for 0 dB noise. When I do make a correct spot, it has a decent SNR, so I believe that something is going right...

One thought: I reach 0 dB noise by adjusting the mic input from my PC. Would it be better to maximize mic sensitivity, and then back down on the RF gain on the radio?

Mike N9OHW/6