WSPR with a regenerative rx

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WSPR with a regenerative rx

Last night I set up my "Lucky Me" 80 meter regen to see if I could spot anyone. This is a slightly modified version of N1TEV's High Performance Regen with a tuning cap and drive from an LM frequency meter (hence the "Lucky Me" ). One of the mods I made was to employ a varactor with a 10-turn pot for the regeneration control. I used my SDR-IQ as a sensitive frequency meter to set the regen on frequency then left it to run. Around 2am Honolulu time I spotted KL7UK at least 3 times with one positive decode of his transmission at a -21dB SNR. I believe I would have decoded the other two transmissions (perhaps more when I was sleeping) except for the drift factor. Tonight I have wrapped the rx in a towel to help stabilize the temp and ward off drafts. If Serendipity smiles I will be lucky enough to score a few more spots.

I'm of the opinion that a well designed regen can be a simple and effective WSPR receiver if frequency stability issues can be resolved. Sensitivity and selectivity are not a problem. Any decent regen can easily exceed -120dB sensitivity and selectivity just past the threshold of oscillation is only a few KHz.


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