Wspr on a netbook

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Wspr on a netbook

Hi There
I wanted to get Wspr running on my Samsung netbook - HRD was running fine and I use that as a standard so as I know everythings working - however Wspr did not run ok as it was not decoding properly - it has been mentioned elsewhere on this forum specifically regarding "Samsung" netbooks (Will probably also apply to others as well) you may well have been one of the lucky ones but it appears its the sound card - I've just switched back to an "Olde" Compaq Evo N600 and it all worked first time including HRD - obviously this IS man enough - I am very happy with this as I can now run Wspr on its own.
I thought it worth mentioming here as others may contemplate running it on a netbook - some will run, some wont.