Measuring Path Delay

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Measuring Path Delay

I noticed a report from VK2XN/2 from my mighty 1/2 watt transmission.
As my Thunderbird 5 mk 2 was pointed 30 degrees true the path was either
off the back of the beam or long path - or possibly both. But which???

A WSPR transmission contains something on the order of 200 transitions.
This should allow the arrival time to be measured fairly accurately.
If we fed a GPS 1 pulse per second signal into the right audio channel
it might be possible to time stamp WSPR signals quite accurately.

This delay information could be used to identify short vs long path
signal paths. It might even be able to measure changes in path length
caused by reflecting off of differing layers.

GPS devices with 1PPS output are reasonably priced. In the absence of
LightSquared jamming these would provide accurate timing.