Is it time to re-examine the WSPR bandplan ?

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Is it time to re-examine the WSPR bandplan ?

Now that the sunspots are back with and the bands are in full
flow, I see that tryting to use WSPR in the digimodes segment
is becoming a problem.

Too much QRM from PSK31 and RTTY!

The latter is usually high powered, especially the contests,
and PSK31 use is usually medium power, about 30 watts.

But 30 watts compared to WSPR users messing about with 5w or milliwatts?

This is a joke.

WSPR signals are just wiped out regardless.

Just because WSPR can be read deep into the noise doesn't get around
the basic physics that a stronger signal will kill a weaker one.

I think we need to rethink where WSPR is used.

Regards - Andy