Suddenly no more RX in WSPR

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Suddenly no more RX in WSPR

Transceiver: SoftRock RXTX 6.3
System for WSPR: WindowsXP (in VirtualBox under Ubuntu)
System for all other modes: MAC + DSP Radio.

The first day, WSPR worked with TX and RX, showing around 0dB SNR and clear signals in the waterfalls. From the 2nd day on it was 30dB SNR, no clear signals. But TX works. Time is synced with NIST.
Even if the time would not be in sync, the signals in the waterfall don't look like signals anymore at all. Switching to MAC, I see and hear very clear and strong WSPR signals.

Troubleshooting tried unsuccessfully:
1) Switch from internal to USB sound card.
2) Checking the settings in Windows Sound.
3) Switching to Windows Sound Mapper.

It is strange, that TX works, with internal sound card, and with USB sound card.

Question is, if this is user error (PEBKAC = Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair), or just an undiagnosable instability of the combination of my specific setup. I already wondered, if my receiver is damaged. But switching to MAC and DSP Radio, and everything works.

Another question: Is there a reliable USB sound card for WSPR, maybe Extigy? Would this solve the RX problem?