CT3 - MADEIRA Island - AF014

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CT3 - MADEIRA Island - AF014

Hi All,

I shall be on Madeira between 19th December and 26th December, 2011.

Taking the QRP kit with me; FT817 and a homebrew 1.3m Portable Mag-loop, for 10 Mhz to 30 Mhz.

Primary bands of activity will be 12m and 17m

When NOT active on JT65 or Olivia, i.e. in the Restaurant / Bar etc., I shall have the rig running WSPR.

Unfortunately, there is NO direct internet access for the laptop, only access via one of these multi-media TV's. However, I assume that I'll be able to post when active.

I'm synchronizing the Linux Laptop, via a Garmin GPS, so should be OK for timing.

Cheers & 73's
Dave, G3ZXX (CT3/G3ZXX)