Giving Top Band a Try

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Giving Top Band a Try

I finally got my 119' long wire, Z-100Plus ATU and Icom 7200 working together nicely on 160 meters. All it took was 30 turns of #22 on a T68-2 toroid in series with the long wire to do the trick. SWR is 1.4:1 so the Icom is happy. Since the antenna is only 35' AGL and working against 25' of aluminum window frame the efficiency is probably extremely poor but at least its working now. I have my Timewave ANC-4 noise canceller in line and was able to achieve a very nice null in the local noise level.

With a bit of luck maybe I'll spot someone... and with a bit more luck maybe they'll spot my 10 watts out.


'Bear' NH7SR