report on VK 2m WSPR

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report on VK 2m WSPR

A little late but here is a report in a small 2m WSPR experiment carried out in VK4 a week ago by Ray VK4ZW Paul VK4ZBV and myself last week.

I have seen a few reports on the database for 2m contacts.

Ray and I were doing TX/RX and Paul was monitoring and reporting back on our mistakes and successes, as well as coaching in some aspects that we were very unsure about.

- In the WSPR software window we set the the dial and transmit as if you are going to use 30m. We used Dial: 10.1387, TX 10.140200. There did not seem to be a way to set it to a 2m frequency.

- The txvr dial was to 144.488500 (in the beacon range in VK). The tx fequency was then 144.4900

- Ray and I both use txvrs that have minimum output of 5W.

- We both used vertical antennas

- Proximity may have been problem for us, as Ray and I are no more than 1km apart and Paul is less than 10km from us.

- On the logger our final success was recorded as a 30m contact rather than a 2m contact.

All in all a very successful trial - all three of us learned a lot.

I hope this is of some use to other WSPR'ers. Please feel free add to these observations as you see fit, and to correct any errors that I have made.

Tim R