Frequency changed, no upload of spots

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Frequency changed, no upload of spots


Again I encountered this issue.
Recent I got a GPSDO Trimble Thunderbold 10MHz frequency standard.
I use this 10MHz +/- just a few ppb reference on the Flex1500.

Transmitting a carrier with the Flex1500 is exact <1 Hz at the tuned frequency.
This is checked against a receiver at Albert PA0A having a Rubidium standard and GPSDO together.

But when transmitting in WSPR say at 28.126050MHz the real freq is measured 15Hz to high.

What is the cause of this 15Hz difference.
It seems not the GPSDO 10MHz reference output.
It seems not the Flex1500
It must be and error in the 1500Hz +/- 100 output generated by the PC / audio timing
Now I correct the frequency error by: advanced settings WSPR enable frequncy correction
and entered: A 15.0Hz
Frequency reported now correct. But I have to live with Dial: 28.124615

I tried to correct by setting the BFO offset to 1515 but.
As soon as this default 1500Hz value is changed, WSPR will generate the
Frequency changed, no upload of spots error.

This I have also when I want to use a different mode /filter for receiving WSPR
WSPR decodes perfectly in CW narrow (reverse) mode
But will not upload any decoded signals with bfo set to 570Hz needed for this mode.

My bottom line point or request is :

If the bfo offset is other then 1500Hz
Can the
"Frequency changed, no upload of spots"
error be fixed in WSPR future versions to have freedom of choosing other filter bfo offsets?

I whisper you all a very good wispering 2012

Jaap PA0O