problems receiving

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problems receiving

I am not receiving anything on 10.1387 MHz. I think I hear signals but I also have other digital signals on the same or nearby frequency. This seems to disrupt my receiving. Every once in a while I see a blue lable at the bottom right say "DECODING" but never see any callsigns being posted to the box at right. I have only ever seen one such call and that was on 160m the other evening. I have however seen my call updated on the map occasionally but lately I can not even get the map to see if it appears there.. whats up?

I am using a 756 pro 2 with a signal link and the levels are correct (this is not my first dance on digital) becacause I can communicate on other modes including olivia and MT63 which are quite demanding in terms of settings and computer spead.

Jim wa3mej