WSPR Crash - again

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WSPR Crash - again

I having fun today spotting 6M and when that died I changed to 10M.
That was quiet so on to 30M, time to read some news of the world on Google.
After opening a few news pages up popped a dialogue window, "C++++ runtime error"
Wspr has crashed!

After reading some more news stories, I restarted WSPR.
Some time later I noticed Wspr was on 10M but my rig was on 30M arrrgh!
It seems when opening some web pages there is a conflict with the Wspr software, it crashes.
But, when you restart Wspr it takes the previous setting, not the last setting.
So it had opened up on 28MHz not the last setting of 10MHz, all because it didn't get a chance to save the setting when closed properly.
So beware!

Every now and then I forget to change bands, but this time was a real pain.
Hope anyone else takes note, when Wspr crashes, beware it forgets, just like me.