no TX due to port problems on iMac

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no TX due to port problems on iMac

Hi, I am new here and am wrestling with WSPR on my iMac. My set-up is: iMac (OS X Lion) >> USB Interface II >> Elecraft K2. Receiving works 100%, but TX does not work due to the fact that the program simply does not recognize the 'USB Interface II' (MicroHam). The station parameters only give as port options: "/dev/ttyS0" and "-S1" and from "/dev/ttyUSB0" to "/dev/ttyUSB8", and that's all. The port I am looking for should read '/dev/usbserial-U2U4QD02' or something like it, and since this parameter is not available, the computer cannot connect up to the interface. I have tried all sorts of combinations but nothing works. Who can help?
73 Frans PA3EDW