50 MHz (6m) WSPR

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50 MHz (6m) WSPR

Hello all.
Stations in Australia are trying very hard to do the best they can on the 50 MHz band on WSPR. But, it becomes very difficult and disheartening, when they are transmitting to no one.
Many more stations are required in parts of the northern hemisphere, such as North America, Canada, etc and also from all over Europe.
It would appear that the VK stations are very die hard 6m supporters and many give it a go every day. But the response from other countries is very poor. We really need operators with larger 6m stations in these countries to be looking our way during the appropriate time frames, especially now that we are approaching the Equinox. Its the larger stations that will obviously show the band openings first and others will then follow.
Im not sure why it is that 6m doesn't have the following that it does in Australia, but hopefully some more will have a look our way soon.


Leigh VK2KRR