Trans-polar double spot

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Trans-polar double spot

Good night on 20 meters for sigs between Hawaii and Europe via trans-polar path. This double spot struck me as unusual...

2012-03-22 07:34 NH7SR 14.097115 -21 0 BL11ch 5 DK6UG JN49cm 12018 10

2012-03-22 07:34 NH7SR 14.097117 -19 0 BL11ch 5 DK6UG JN49cm 12018 10

Same time, same stations, a 2Hz separation on frequency and a 2dB difference in SNR.

I am seeing "fuzzy" traces on the European stations coming into Hawaii. Perhaps the phase shift was great enough at the time DK6UG spotted me that I appeared as being on two separate frequencies???

Another experience to add to my small collection of tran-polar propagation anomalies


'Bear' NH7SR