160m WSPR freq getting interference from JT65

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160m WSPR freq getting interference from JT65

Hi all,

I believe stations in Australia and America are suffering from major interference 160m WSPR freq from other users running JT65 very close to the WSPR freq. This at times for some makes it almost impossible to decode anything on WSPR.

As many WSPR users on 160m use quite low power at times down to 1 watt or less, it makes it very difficult as you can imagine. And because WSPR used approx 2min TX and a few on RX cycles and JT65 uses 50 sec on off, they can usually manage QSOs OK, but with there on and off every 60 sec, they disrupt every single RX period for WSPR users.

The WSPR freq or the JT65 freq allocations need to be moved, so they are further appart. It will potentially make 160m WSPR unusable for all except local signals unless we all compensate and run 100W which is not acceptable.