WSPR for IC 9100 users - workarounds found

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WSPR for IC 9100 users - workarounds found

Hi all you disillusioned IC 9100 users , I have been working with Joe (K1JT) to identify the issues arising from the IC 9100 interoperatbility , Joe gave me access to a beta version (WSPR3.01_r2513.EXE) to play with :-), I expect that a proper release will come soon.

Can be found at

I will outline the steps below for my success:-)

1. Must only use windows 7 because XP does not have audio input controls on the USB AUDIO CODEC.

2. Install the Icom USB device driver before plugging in the USB cable.

3. Go to the Silicon Labs website and upgrade the UART bridge CP210x driver to 6.5 (not sure this is necessary but it always good to have latest).

4. In device manager under Ports ensure there are 2 ports defined for UART bridge CP210x within the range of COM1 to COM15.

5. Activate digital mode on the 9100 with a long press of SSB button (allows audio from WSPR to the USB port to be TXed).

6. Upgrade rigctl, Hamlib to version 1.2.14 in the WSPR folder (this is the latest I could find from sourceforge, again always good to have the latest) One can check with this command C:\Program Files\WSPR220>rigctl -V

7. In the WSPR Setup/Station Parameters tick enable CAT, Rig number 368 IC-9100,Serial rate 19200, PTT method CAT and CAT PORT will be usually the second COM port of the pair assigned to the UART bridge CP210x driver, also dont forget to select audio in and out as USB audio codec.

8. ***IMPORTANT*** I found in the WSPR.ini file I believe the rig model entry is the wrong format in this WSPR version, it should look like this-
Rig 368#Icom###################IC-9100############
After closing the program the WSPR.ini file can be manually edited with a text editor.

9. Finally the rigctl, Hamlib addon for WSPR does not command the radio to listen for PTT control on the USB port for the 9100 so add this into the Setup/Station Parameters/Handshake field - copy paste exactly as below.
None -C ptt_type=RIG