WSJT 7 - audio not being received from sound card

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WSJT 7 - audio not being received from sound card

After 1 day of having it working, WSJT7 no longer sees source audio. This (mis)behaviour started yesterday and I haven't been able to get around it. I would appreciate any suggestions that folks might have.

Like many, I have been finding my feet with WSPR and enjoying the giving and receiving of reports. Over the weeks I've seen a few CQ calls but haven't been ready to reply. Now, I would like to get myself ready for QSOs with WSPR mode in WSJT7.

Over the holiday period, I loaded up WSJT7 and read all that I could. After a while, I had it running side by side with WSPR with both programs copying everything fine. I was interested to see that WSJT7 was much faster to decode and gave more information about stations that weren't quite strong enough to decode. Performance of WSPR1.1 and WSJT7 were near identical on all decoded signals. I was very happy.

Intel Atom 330 2x 1.6GHz
Realtek ALC 662 Audio
Windows XP SP3
WSJT Version 7.02 r1018

Normal startup from WSJT7...

Audio Input Output Device Name
Device Channels Channels
0 2 0 Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input
1 2 0 Realtek HD Audio Input
2 0 2 Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output
3 0 2 Realtek HD Audio output

User requested devices: Input = 1 Output = 3
Default devices: Input = 0 Output = 2
Will open devices: Input = 1 Output = 3
Audio streams running normally.

RX noise remains at -37db in main window and -20db in SpecJT.
Nothing appears in SpecJT waterfall trace except T/R boundaries every 2 mins.

At the same time, WSPR 1.1 receives normally and Spectrum Lab V2.72 displays normally. (DM780, MixW, EasyPAL also display normal waterfalls)

In TX mode audio output from WSJT7 sounds fine with audio being produced.

I've tried a few things but haven't managed to improve my situation.
I have run WSJT7 as the first and only program after a clean boot.
I have uninstalled, deleted and reinstalled WSJT7
I have reconfigured most mixer settings with expected results to all programs except WSJT7

I haven't tried reinstalling the operating system as this would smack of desperation, take a very long time and leave me no wiser even if it worked.

Please, does anyone have a suggestion?

Martin - G4ENZ