wsjt7 tx frequency etc

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wsjt7 tx frequency etc

I have started to play around with WSPR on WSJT7. I have a couple of questions:

1) how do you set tx frequency? I am missing something fundamental here I know, but for the life of me cannot spot it.

2) WSJT7 WSPR does not appear to be as sensitive to weak signals as the WSPR app. Is this due to some setting I have missed, or is it to be expected?

3) What does the red line going through the top pane of the WSJT7 pane represent? At first I thought is was some sort of "average" of the noise, but at the moment it is well below a "visual average' of the peaks and troughs.

4) the green line at the top of the specjt pane seems to have a mind of its own. I assume it is a bandwidth marker. What does this do in WSPR? I have not been able to work this out.

Thanks for your patience with my questions by the way - actually I need a dummies guide to set up and use.

Tim R