FT817 and a new computer

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FT817 and a new computer

Have an FT817nd that I used to use on WSPR and then JT65...moved it to a new computer .. a Win7 pro X6 AMD with 16GB ram.
I have gone through the setup for Win7 in the signalink instructions and see decoding lines but they are blurry. Nothing in the band map window and nothing in the bottom window. It transmits and I can set the power.
CAT is not working. I cannot change bands.
Parms window is Audio in 1 Microphone (USB Audio CODEC)
Audio Out: 4 Speakers (USB Audio CODEC)
PTT method: DTR
PTT port: None
Enable CAT is tic'd
Rig is FT-817
Serial rate: 9600 and is set on the rig also 8/n/1
Have changed ACC cables and see no change.
I had it working before on the XP machine....what am I overlooking?
Rick W3BI