WSPR waiting...and waiting...

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WSPR waiting...and waiting...

Hi, I'm a big fan of WSPR but haven't used it for a while since my old shack PC caught fire (!). Just got the new PC up together, both similar spec and running XP, yet I can't seem to get WSPR to work - it just sits there "waiting to start" with nothing in the windows. I'm guessing it's not picking up any audio input, despite me selecting Realtek audio in the drop-down list. And the other K1JT programs work fine, I've just finished a 2m MS QSO with WSJT, and I'm a regular data mode user (RTTY/PSK31) so I know the PC sound in and out work OK.

Looking in the DOS box running behind the main program, should it give an indication of the audio source, like WSJT does? Mine just has version no and run date. I've tried both WSPR 2 and 2.11 and neither get beyond the waiting stage.

Any suggestions?

Darrell G0HVQ